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Enthusiasm for the Dutch delft pottery

Sacha Serra, Robert 开云体育开户Aronson and Celine Ariaans studying the pair of 开云体育官网首页Delftware Adriaen Kocx flower vases and covers

Since 1881, m开云体育开户ore than five generations of Aronson family members take the highest quality delft pottery to private collectors, museum curators and enterprises.Our head office in Amsterdam and international antique market to provide professional and reliable services, our clients can be found through textual research and careful solid delft pottery collection

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Since the 1680 s, delft pottery constantly, usually with novel shape, decoration and function.The diversity and quality of pottery by European royalty and nobility.Delft city system is renowned, quickly affect many European even pottery craftsman of the east.

The cult of wise men

To four hundred, delft pottery has always been a symbol of Dutch national culture.In the 1640 s, as a result of Chinese ceramics import trade decline, delft pottery rapid rise and the characteristic of the Netherlands produces goods, it is also one of the Dutch outstanding cultural achievements.Delft pottery has links with China.

The Chinese ceramic culture has a long history and goes back to ancient times.Since the great geographical discovery in the 15th century, is located in the east of the distance between China and Europe are greatly shrunk, establish a more direct, with European countries in such aspects as culture, science and religion of the contact and communication.In Ming dynasty, jingdezhen ceramics in China in the world manufacturing center.In the 16th century the rise of the maritime trade brought Europe elegant Chinese porcelain and set off a upsurge of Chinese blue and white porcelain.Is famous in Europe but also in the 17th century Dutch delft pottery under the influence of blue and white porcelain was born.To the turn of Ming and qing dynasties turmoil, the Dutch east India company's blue and white porcelain imported affected, begin the import Japanese color porcelain.Until the shunzhi wucai import to the Netherlands, people do not know Chinese also produces color porcelain.

Kangxi wucai is developed on the basis of the daming multicoloured, its essence is the traditional Chinese glaze under the combination of color and glaze color.The colored enamel porcelain firing is a new way of production.The kangxi in the qing dynasty palace painting enamel is in power in the late inspired by European painting enamel.In addition to appreciate the reason of European painting enamel, kangxi established to build the place, is also due to want to develop China's own painting enamel and compete with the European painting enamel sporting culture determination.Under the personal guidance of emperor kangxi, the introduction of related materials and technology from Europe, with its advanced pioneering enamel porcelain body painting, and with the help of the yongzheng emperor was perfected.In the office because the created and jingdezhen imperial plant all kinds of personnel and technology exchange, alternately between the plant of jingdezhen also quickly mastered the technology and make the color of porcelain body painting enamel porcelain exports to Europe.The export of porcelain known as enamel.When the famille rose porcelain arrived in the Netherlands, is once again a delft craftsmen a new source of inspiration.

In the process of qing dynasty palace in the development of the painted enamel, introduction of raw materials and technology from Europe has played a huge role.And from the European missionaries and the Dutch east India company played a key role in the process.The purpose of this paper is to trace delft pottery for research and development of colored enamel porcelain qing potential contribution.For details, please see our English website.

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Authentic 开云体育官网首页Delftware plates in beautiful gift boxes
Authentic 开云体育官网首页Delftware plates in beautiful gift boxes

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In the past开云体育开户 decades, many members of the family of generation of Aronson success the most rare and the most distinctive delft pottery collection to buyers.These series of valuable collection museum, in addition to a private collection, there are many in the international public library.Around when they are in the collection together, can exert its charm most.In the digital simulation of exhibition in the world is the world's top collection show in front of your eyes.

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The Dutch delft pottery

The Dutch delft pottery in the 17th and 18th century Europe play a very important part in the development of ceramics.Delft this vibrant city tin glaze pottery production center is the result of two times meet: Italy produces Mayo, pottery, and by the Dutch east India company ceramic products imported from China and Japan.Under the influence of queen Mary, the tide of delft hand-painted pottery quickly spread to Europe's elite.Based on the variety of shapes, the adornment of the wonderful artical excelling nature and colorful bright colors, the Dutch delft pottery become the copy objects of many European ceramic production center, they rushed to join as a member of the delft style.
Since 1881, m开云体育开户ore than five generations of members of the family of Aronson and private collectors from all over the world, share for museum curators and enterprises

The enthusiasm of delft pottery.开云体育开户Members of the family of Aronson efforts for customer service, was commissioned for the most elegant delft pottery, deeply trusted by customers.

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